1.    South Indian History    

  2.                           Culture and Heritage of Tamil People

  3.              Advent of European Invasion

  4.                                         Expansion and Consolidation of British Rule 

  5.                                              Effect of British rule on socio-economic Factors

  6.                                 Social reforms and religious movements

  7.       India since Independence

  8.                  Characteristics of Indian Culture

  9. Unity in Diversity         

  10.                                                       Race,colour,language,custom India as a Secular state 

  11.                                        Organizations for fine arts,dance,drana,music

  12.                                           Growth of rationalist,Dravidian movement in TN

  13.                           Political parties and populist schemes

  14.                                         Prominent personalities in the various spheres

  15.                            Arts,Science,Literature and philosophy

  16.                            Mother Teresa,Swami Vivekananda,etc.